Pictured in the second photo: Charcoal grey paint, orange mix cable, mustard leather strap. 


The Geo Pendant lights have an extra long cord (3m) and can be hung from any hook (not supplied), or used as a retro desk lamp. 


Each cord has a black UK three pronged plug and the inline switch is located 1m from the plug. 


A soft, warm-white LED bulb is provided. 


Our GEO LAMPS are handcrafted using layers of  sustainable and responsibly sourced plywood. We ensure waste is kept at a minimum and finish the wood with 100% raw organic linseed oil. 


Each lamp can be designed by you. Make a note of your chosen paint, cable and strap colour on the shipping page.


Strap choice: Black, Mustard, Coral, Ice Blue, Ice Green, 


The lamps are individually handmade in the Priormade studio, therefore no two will be exactly the same. Each lamp is hand painted and the natural grain or surface of the wood may be visable. Sanding plywood sometimes reveales the layers underneath creating a two tone effect on ether the back 'face' of the lamp or on the top


*If you would like a longer cable please let us know. 

Geo | Pendant

  • Base: 9 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm

    Cable length to plug: 300cm

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